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Recap “WOW” - Wingfever Open Wingsurfchampionship

Let me start with a brief introduction of myself and my path leading to this event.

More than 20 years ago i started windsurfing, which formed a base for my watersport minded lifestyle. In the past decade i gave windsurf lessons, ran a kite school and travelled the world to enjoy the best places to surf, windsurf and kitesurf. In the past years i experienced kind of a dip in motivation to surf which i never thought was possible. 2 years ago Wingsurfing crossed my path and i knew right from the beginning that this was a game changer for me and the watersport in general. The endless possibilities and different ways of practicing wingsurfing blew my mind. I enjoy flatwater sessions in 12 knots as much as a stormy swell session with 35 knots on the North Sea in a way i never could have imagined. Swell or no swell, side shore, onshore or offshore wind… It doesn’t really matter what the conditions are: Wingsurfing is always so much fun!

This is what led me to set up Wingfever and organise the first Dutch nationals in Wingsurfing. I wanted to create a platform for all wingsurfers in the Netherlands to share my passion for wingsurfing and spread the word so the sport get’s more attention in Holland. Let’s get into the recap now:

After countless hours of organising and uncertainties because of the pandemic the day had finally come: 11 september 2021 was finally there!

The day started at 06:30 @ De Punt in Ouddorp (great spot for wingsurfing) with a cup of coffee together with Roy Zoon (Slingshot Benelux) in total darkness.

As the sun was rising and the rain was slowly fading we where all set to start the event. 29 participants from all over the Netherlands showed up to fight for the title of Dutch champion wingsurfing in 3 categories: men, women and youth. After all buoys, boats and staff where in place, skippers meeting was held and the course for an awesome day of competition was set. The competitors had to race through a course of roughly 3 minutes with an upwind leg, a downwind leg and 50 meters of pumping without using the wing. The rules and course where supported by the GWA to get an official result. With perfect onshore wind between 12 and 18 knots we managed to run 2 complete eliminations of racing.

In the end local hero Danny Hamann took the victory in the men’s division followed by Matthijs van t’ Hoff in second and Hub Dekkers in third. Annabel van Westerop, well known for her kitesurfing career was crowned in the women’s division in front of Jalou Langeree in second and a shared third place for Annemieke Kruijt and Franka Tempelaar. Rein Stoel brought the trophy home and may call himself Dutch Champion wingsurfing in the youth division. The pricegiving ceremonie at Beachhouse Natural High and the party afterwards where a perfect finish of an unforgettable day! More pictures of the event here.

After all the mission to create a platform and community for wingsurfers in Holland was a great succes and we will carry on next year!!!

I want to thank everyone who was involved making this event possible and such a great succes:

  • Roy Zoon (Slingshot Benelux)

  • F-ONE Benelux

  • North Kiteboarding

  • Natural High Surfshop

  • Beachclub Natural High

  • Marcel Berrevoets (Marcel Berrevoets Photography)

  • Jaco Kleiweg (Hangingshoulder.73)

  • Sander de Gans

  • Philip Snijders

  • Sven Ottevanger

  • Ted de Jager

  • Snackbar t’ Hoekje

  • Marina Port Zelande

  • Brouwersdam

  • GWA (Tom Hartmann)

  • All participants

  • DJ Ishja

Share the stoke! @Wingfever

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