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Registration Wingfever Wavemasters

Thank you for your registration!

                                                                               TERMS OF PARTICIPATION



 - The participant is well aware of the fact that participating brings certain risks and that participating in the competition is at         own risk

 - The participant declares to be in healthy condition. Injuries or any other matters that could be of any concern need to be                declared up front, so that the organization can give advise about participating.

 - Participating during pregnancy is not allowed.


 - When participating in water activities a swimming certificate is required.


 - The participant should always follow the instructions given by the organisation. The consequenses of not doing so is of                participants own risk. Should this lead to any damage to materials owned by Wingfever, Wingfever could recover the costs         from the participant.

 - When there is any damage or injuries of participant or caused by the participant to third parties by participating, Wingfever is    not liable.

 - The use of alcohol prior to or during the activities is not permitted.

 - Wearing a helmet during the competition is mandatory.


- The registration fee is €35,- and has to be paid at the event side.

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